Love books?

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Welcome LBH 1aFalling (Angels Among Us series #1)
Forbidden (Angels Among Us series #2)
Forever (Angels Among Us series #3)

Never Alone
Touched By The Light
The Quintessential Gemini
The Restaurant @ The Mill
Being A Sceptic Is Oh So Easy



Falling 3D (2)

Forbidden 3dPublishedby



Forever 3d Part 3 in the Angels Among Us series,


was released on 23 January 2014!

Also coming in 2014:

The Quintessential Astrologer

 After The Quintessential Gemini what’s next? What happens when you get what you dream of having – fun ensues!

The Glass Wall

Is it possible to have two perfect soulmates? How fragile is the wall that separates two different stories?

Welcome LBH 1b

One thought on “Love books?


    Hi Linn

    I seem to have lost touch with you – sorry

    Hope everything is OK with you and your family

    I would love to meet up again

    Josie told me that she noticed on facebook that you had moved again !!

    Speak soon hopefully

    Chrissy x


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