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#Lovemyreviewers #bookbloggers: meet Kate from V Family Fun

V Family Fun

Today I’m talking to someone I’ve known for a few years now, but never met in person! She’s a great lady and an inspirational blogger on all things from books, family life/parenting – to product reviews over at V Family Fun! I’ll let Kate introduce herself:

Hi, I’m Kate. I’m a mum of 3 (4 if you include the dog), wife of 1 and blogger of 2. I blog about our family life on V Family Fun and share my thoughts on the books I read on Me, My Books and I. Obviously I love my family and reading but I also love coffee, cupcakes and all things sparkly.



When did you set up your blog and how has it changed since you began?

Me, My Books and I was set up a few years ago, I was reading so many books and wanted somewhere to share my thoughts on them. To begin with it was a very busy blog but when I became pregnant with our third baby I had no choice but to slow it down. I even stopped completely for a while after she was born. Nowadays I post book reviews as and when I can and I feel like I’m in a happy routine with it.  I started V Family Fun at the beginning of this year, I missed blogging and the blogging community but seeing as most of my time was filled with baby stuff I had to decide whether to change my book blog or start a whole new one – obviously I chose the second option and I’m so glad I did. I feel like I have the best of both worlds and I can blog about all aspects of my life!

How do you fit your online work into a busy life as mum?

The older two children are at school so they don’t really affect my blogging, I do it when they’re at school. It can be tricky with little one though especially when you receive messages in the daytime that you really want to reply to but can’t because she is awake! She usually has a two hour nap at some point in the day so I type up blog posts then and when she goes to bed at night I try to catch up with social media and reply to messages/emails etc. This is also my reading time. I use my iPhone to catch up when I’m out and about (little one is safely strapped in her pushchair or car seat so I make the most of that time).

What started your passion for reading?

I can’t think of anything specific that set me off but I was always a reader even as a child, it just came naturally to me. I remember teaching my cousin to read – I was only about 8!

How do you find a little ‘me’ time?

My main ‘me’ time is in the evening when the children are all in bed, I love knowing that everything is done for the day so I can completely relax. Although sometimes I’ll wake up an hour or so earlier than everyone else just to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Share one thing that people might no know about you …

Before I had children and became a blogger I worked as a florist!

That was always a job I longingly viewed from afar, until I bought some flowers for Valentine’s day one year. I went to collect my order (treating my husband) and they were rushed off their feet, had been working since the early hours and it was freezing cold in the shop. It burst my bubble about it being my dream job …

Thanks for coming along today Kate and I love the way your blogging has grown and changed. As a very supportive book reviewer you have been there for me from almost the start of my career, and for that I’m very, very grateful. I’d like to take a moment to reflect on some of what are, to me, memorable one-liners from some of reviews you’ve written for my books. 

Never Alone “This was a fantastic read – it was spiritual, thought-provoking and I ended up reading it in just one day because I couldn’t put it down.”

Read Kate’s full review here

The Restaurant @ The Mill “I loved how the individual stories tied together and made me feel personally involved with them all, also the descriptions of the mill and it’s surroundings enabled me to picture everything so easily.”

Read Kate’s full review here

Under The Stars “A sad event made my heart sink, followed by an unexpected announcement that made it lift again and finally a big question which didn’t quite happen because this was when the story ended (my heart didn’t know what to do at this point).”

Read Kate’s full review here

It’s no surprise to me that V Family Fun is such a success, as anyone who can write such detailed, informative reviews has a writer’s heart! The transition to blogging about a whole range of things, including product reviews, is simply a case of taking that next step. Long may you blog, Kate!


Kate’s links: V Family Fun | Me, My Books and I | Twitter Bloglovin | Facebook | Pinterest | Google+


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#Lovemyreviewers #bookbloggers – Nikki from nikkis-books4u

NikkiThe first of my favourite book reviewers to sit in the #Lovemyreviewers chair, is Nikki from  I met Nikki around the same time that my first novel was published and she’s a well-respected, and very supportive, book reviewer. She was the first person to join my street team, a band of lovely readers/reviewers who support all of my new releases!

Nikki books 4u

Welcome Nikki, it’s lovely to have you here as the first person to feature in my #Lovemyreviewers hot seat! I’m going to fire a few questions at you – so let’s get started!

Why did you set up your blog?

I set up my book blog while looking for a focus after I became ill. I became seriously ill and found myself in and out of hospital and stuck at home. Reading was a great focus for me and when I had finished a book. I thought it was a great shame to to put the book away on a book shelf and move on. Also I wanted to do something to help new writers, so I started reviewing. I was eventually diagnosed as having an auto immune disease and immunosuppressed. I strongly believe having something to keep my mind occupied and keeping busy helped me to get my medical condition under control.

How do you fit your online work into a busy life as a working mum?

My working hours in media have always been flexible and I was lucky enough to always manage like most women to juggle everything to fit and I still do. My children were at school then so I had that time while they were in school for my work. When I became ill I still needed that drive and reviewing was the perfect thing to do in my situation. I am a people person and I needed to still interact with people and thanks to social media and Skype I could still do just that. Everything just fell into place and it really worked for me at the time. Also having the support of my wonderful husband Andrew was a great help.

What started your passion for reading?

I have just always loved books. I grew up in a house filled with books. I also grew up in a family of teachers so every birthday and Christmas present… books! I was one of those children who would read under the covers with a torch when the lights had gone out. I wanted to be a Librarian when I grew up. But fate had other plans…

How do you find a little ‘me’ time?

I consider reading my ‘me’ time. I love to escape and unwind in a good book. I really enjoy the peace, quiet and calm of the atmosphere when reading. Reading is perhaps the only downtime and all to myself time I have at the moment.

Share one thing that people may not know about you?

Most people in the book world know me for my crazy socks. I have a huge collection. What a lot of people actually do not know is what now as become a huge collection started when I got ill and now do not have an immune system… So in winter socks help keep me keep warm and help keep me out of hospital. When friends and family heard this I was sent socks. This grew over social media and I now have hundreds of socks.

I must admit I do miss the winter on FB and seeing pics of Nikki displaying her latest sock designs … and I well remember the dark days when Nikki was very ill indeed. Every day was a battle and it’s a tribute to Nikki that she kept positive. She has helped an enormous amount of new authors, including myself, by spreading the word and inspired many of her followers to try a novel by someone they haven’t read before.

I’d like to share a few quotes from some of the reviews Nikki has written about my books (and she has reviewed them all!) and for which I’m very, very grateful:

Falling: Angels Among Us the complete series “… you can now read all of Ceri and Alex’s story in one great read. Linn B. Halton writes a rollercoaster of emotions in all her novels. They are full of romance, drama and just add that touch of a psychic mix to make the characters have extra depth and edge.”

Read Nikki’s full review here

Sweet Occasions “This is a story that will not only touch your heart, but will melt your heart too. A warm and wonderful told story. The story line is original and fresh and will keep you guessing until the very end.”

Read Nikki’s full review here

Touched By The Light “What is different with this book is that through out the chapters the story is told by all the main characters from their point of view and this is really done well with excellent writing so you do not get confused or lose the plot in anyway. There are some unexpected twists in the story, which add to the story and make it an excellent feel good read.”

Read Nikki’s full review here

I have also purchased books based on Nikki’s recommendations – and that’s a sign of a good reviewer!

Do drop by Nikki’s website and find out more about her and read some of her honest, and very personal, reviews. 

Nikki Bywater’s background is media. Nikki worked in film and television and now works in the book and writing world. Nikki is a Freelance Media PR and a Professional Book Reviewer. Nikki is also a blogger and calls herself more of a scribbler of ideas than a writer. Nikki likes to read anything and she believes we can learn something new from all books we read.

You can follow Nikki here:

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Psychic nightmares and #Midsummerdreams!

ChocLit-logo-WebIn celebration of the e-launch day for Alison May’s brand new romantic comedy, Midsummer Dreams, by the fabulous Choc Lit, I’m posting today on the theme of all things dream-related.

I had a dream…Wings

The most memorable dream I’ve had recently is a visit from my late father. Anyone who knows me is familiar with the fact that I often have visits from loved ones on the other side … and a few people I never knew in life. The latter either connected with properties we’ve renovated, or places I’ve been. However, my father hadn’t been around for quite a while – certainly not since we moved to Lydbrook 18 months ago, and a few months prior to that. The last time ‘we’ saw him (my husband, a fervent sceptic now sees some of our visitors!) was at our previous home. Usually, if we wandered down at night to get a drink from the kitchen. Sometimes he’d be sitting on the sofa and even though I’m no longer a sceptic, I still analyse what happens every single time. So the fact that we both saw him at different times, was comforting. Albeit we have also seen him when we are together and that’s truly wonderful.

Anyway, my father came to me in my dream saying he hadn’t been able to visit for two years (and when we counted up the time he was right!) because he’d been doing something, but was now back! The alarm then woke me, so I’m waiting patiently for his next visit! At the moment all of my visits seem to be from the ghost cat we’ve inherited with the cottage. Our own cat, Mr Tiggs, isn’t bothered by him, whereas human spirits always make him act in a very odd way. Maybe they have become friends …

I had a nightmare…

When I was a child I had what I always believed to be a re-occurring nightmare. I was being stifled, suffocated almost, by something heavy on top of me. It is only since I’ve learnt a lot more about the spirit world that, as an adult, I now understand that’s a very common happening. It is frightening and that’s why I’d grown up thinking of it as a nightmare. Now I know that if anything happens around me that I don’t feel comfortable with, I simply tell it to go away, say I can’t help in any way and explain that it’s scaring me. Of course, there are still those odd times when I enter a building and leave within minutes because what I feel scares the heck out of me! I guess that’s my ‘living’ nightmare.

My dream for the future…

HeartI’m living my dream now, actually, as I always longed to write from an early age. In common with many, many, other authors, life, paying the bills and bringing up a family had to come first. Now it’s ‘me’ time – when I’m not playing babysitter to the newest generation! I feel so lucky to be able to gear my life around writing romance and it’s the best job I’ve ever had … well, I did enjoy being an interior designer and I still dabble as we renovate our lovely, old cottage.

And now for the star of today! Congrats lovely Alison May and this is such a stunning cover. Go out and buy it now – I’m downloading it today!



You can download the kindle edition of Midsummer Dreams here:

Follow Alison on Twitter:

Check out the other dream-related posts celebrating Alison’s launch here:

About Midsummer Dreams

Four people. Four messy lives. One party that changes everything …
Emily is obsessed with ending her father’s new relationship – but is blind to the fact that her own is far from perfect.
Dominic has spent so long making other people happy that he’s hardly noticed he’s not happy himself.
Helen has loved the same man, unrequitedly, for ten years. Now she may have to face up to the fact that he will never be hers.
Alex has always played the field. But when he finally meets a girl he wants to commit to, she is just out of his reach.
At a midsummer wedding party, the bonds that tie the four friends together begin to unravel and show them that, sometimes, the sensible choice is not always the right one.

Thanks for dropping by!

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Doing a happy jig in the ladies’ cloakroom in Starbucks on the M4!

HeartIt wasn’t quite a repeat of that fabulous moment in ‘Love Actually‘ when Karl gives Sarah a lift home. If you don’t know the movie, it’s the moment when, at long last, two of the characters find themselves alone together.  It’s a pivotal – and exciting – moment. He stands at the door:

Karl: Goodnight.
Sarah: Goodnight.
[he gives her a quick peck on the cheek, then they begin to kiss passionately]
Karl: Actually, I don’t *have* to go.
Sarah: Right. Good.
Karl: I mean…
Sarah: No-no that’s good. Just, um, would you excuse me for one second? Just…
Karl: Sure.
[she moves round the corner, out of sight of Karl, dances a little jig for joy, then returns]
Sarah: Um, okay, that’s done. Um, why don’t you come upstairs in about ten seconds.


Happy people

There were no tasty guys involved in my little happy jig, well, unless you count a hero named Adam. I had just said goodbye to the awesome Lyn Vernham, the director of Choc Lit and been offered a contract for Sweet Occasions!

Choc Lit logo

Did I have to think about it? I think the words were out of Lyn’s mouth for all of three seconds before we sealed the deal with a hug! I tried to remain cool, despite my nerves literally making my legs wobble all over the place. As Lyn left Starbucks, I walked purposefully to the ladies cloakroom. Once inside, and with my hand clasped firmly over my mouth, I literally jumped up and down. Then I calmly washed my hands and went to the car to call my husband, Lawrence.

When watching X Factor, one repetitive phrase keeps coming up whenever contestants are asked what it means to them to be on the show: ‘It means everything to me, it’s my dream’. Well, when I began writing I didn’t have a ‘dream’, I just began and kept going – not really thinking too far ahead. I CAN say that ‘I’m over the moon’, ‘I’m so excited, I’m still on a high’ AND

I’m feeling truly blessed,  extremely proud and honoured!

And, of course, aside from the prospect of sharing ‘Adam’ with you very soon (who is a heart-melting hero with a heart of gold), I have a virtual chocolate-fest to share, too !

© Iris Smiles

Seriously, though, I don’t believe in ‘wishing’ for things unless it’s connected with good health, release from pain, relief from terrible situations etc. All families/friendships have their fair share of situations where a wish, or a prayer is a very meaningful, and special, act.

When it comes to my guilty pleasure writing – just being able to have the luxury of giving up work to write, IS ‘the dream’. I simply believe in working hard, being eternally thankful for every single review anyone has ever done for me, and being grateful for all the new friends and colleagues I’ve met  since I began writing in 2009.

ChocLit-logo-WebSo what’s next? Well, I keep on working hard and trying to up that bar, so that I can be a worthy member of my new writing family:

the Choc Lit team

But I would not be at this point in my writing career if it wasn’t for the awesomely professional book bloggers, readers who have been kind enough to post reviews, and lovely people who have purchased one of my novels. It’s humbling. My wonderful husband, Lawrence, has put up with me burning the candle at both ends for nearly six years now. He doesn’t complain and is always the first person to read the polished version of each new story. He knows I’m a hopeless case, I’m afraid, as the truth is that I’m never going to stop. When I die I want to be buried with my iPad and a fully-charged keyboard …

Thanks for coming to visit and allowing me to share my news with you – the fact that you are here means a lot to me! Without the support I’ve received I would not be celebrating this moment.

On that note, I’d better get back to work – there are some characters waiting to tell me what to write next … have a fab day!

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Linn’s Lovely Blog Hop

Sheryl PhotoI’ve been challenged by fabulous friend, and author, Sheryl Browne, to join in the Lovely Blog Hop to share some of the things that have helped shape my writing and my life.

You can find links at the end of the post to other writers who are friends and a constant inspiration! Sheryl’s next book, The Rest of My Life, is coming soon – from Choc Lit and I’ve read ALL of her books so far, so I know this is going to be something VERY special!

So now I spill the beans …

WingsFirst Fond Memory
My very first memories were all rather obscure and that puzzled me for many years. Later memories were mostly about family members, or highlights – Christmas etc. But the very earliest ones all seemed to be linked to nightmares I had as a child and I assumed that was why those were the ones that stayed with me. However, much later in life – when I realised that many of the ‘odd’ things that had happened to me were psychic experiences, it all began to make sense.

So it didn’t start out as a fond memory, but as I realised the upside of feeling a presence around me – certainly after my father and then, my mother, passed away – it is something I look back on, gratefully. I vividly remember numerous occasions when I lay in bed, looking up at the ceiling and seeing something hovering around me. Now I believe it might have been my late grandmother. At the time, I simply remember screaming a lot and my mother would be in and out of the room, comforting me. When I didn’t settle she ended up leaving the light on and I think that became common practice in the end.

Book bugBooks and Libraries (I’m combining these as for me the two became inseparable)
As a child Enid Blyton was a firm favourite. I was soon reading way ahead of my years because I was an obsessive reader who devoured books. At around the age of eleven I was allowed to go to the local libraries alone; there were two within walking distance. It was like discovering a treasure trove.

What I found was that I could borrow almost any book at all, as long as I also took out a suitable children’s book. too. My father was an avid reader and a frequent visitor, so I think they assumed the books were for him, as in those days you were issued with tickets. I’d take mine (I think I had four, but adults could have eight) and would also take along some of Dad’s. I quickly discovered historical romances and fell in love with the Sergeanne Golon books – the Angelique series – written by Anne Golon. Then, I discovered Ian Fleming and James Bond – romance, adventure, intrigue! I also loved Wilkie Collins (The Woman in White, in particular) and Thomas Hardy – I loved the Mayor of Casterbridge.  Then Jane Austin (swoon) and Ken Follett … Discovering Stephen King gave me a few nightmares, I will admit!

After I married, Freya North, Judy Astley, Sophie Kinsella, Anna Barrie and Trisha Ashley were often reasons I burnt the tea, while trying to read AND cook.

BooksWhat’s your passion?
I think, in common with many authors I know, I have always been passionate about writing – short stories, poetry, and when I was a young teen, episodes for some of my favourite TV shows. Then getting married, having two sons and getting back into full-time employment meant I didn’t have time to write. So I had to find a creative ‘hobby’ to fit into a busy lifestyle. Interior design was perfect, but meant we had to kept changing houses so I could have new challenges!  Eventually, I was fortunate enough to make a career change to turn that  hobby into a full-time job. However, three years later my mother was unwell and I decided time with her was more precious. Unfortunately she Designingdied, unexpectedly, just three months later. That’s when my husband convinced me it was time for ‘me’ and I began writing. I wrote five manuscripts straight off in eighteen months. So writing is my real passion, but I always knew I’d have to wait, because once I’d opened the flood gates there would be no turning back. But my second passion will always be interior design – and after fourteen house moves, hopefully our current renovation project is the final one!

I did an intense one-year A-level course in commerce and Dancingaccounting at school; they found me my first job at the age of sixteen, as a secretary. I met my husband around the same time. My sights were firmly set on teaching ballroom dancing, as I had already been a teaching assistant for a couple of years. I also had a partner and we were taking very expensive lessons, paid for by my parents, to ready us for competitions. In particular Latin American and the pasa doble was my favourite, then the waltz and the foxtrot. Within six weeks of meeting my husband we were saving to get married and just a month or two later I gave up my dancing life.

Once the boys were at school I studied Business Management at Technical College and later joined the civil service. There I did a Property Management HND and had a twenty-year career in Planning and Budgeting. When I was offered a job to design interiors for show homes, it was time for a change. What I didn’t know was that just three years later I would be giving up work altogether to (at last) find time to write.

You will probably notice that there is no reference to writing courses in the above. I kept a journal of ideas for stories – ready for the day when I would sit down and write. I thought that would be when I retired. Five years before I began writing in 2009, I sat down to write my first manuscript. Just to check I was actually capable of writing anything Pen smallother than the short stories I played around with as a teenager. It turned out to be 135,000 in length and took me three months to write. Every evening after dinner was over I would sit and type until bedtime. Unfortunately, a massive water leak flooded our computer and I had no back-up in those days. The hard drive was on the way to a computer guy who was going to rescue all my information, when it was stolen. It was later found, badly damaged – they had only stolen the back-pack it was in for money and credit cards.

It was invaluable, though, as an exercise, because I learnt such a lot about the writing process: how to construct, monitor, and develop a storyline. I’m still learning and that’s a part of the thrill of writing. At the end of the day, I simply write from the heart. My style requires showing, as well as telling, because my characters reveal their deepest feelings and emotions to the reader; things that they would never voice out aloud, even to loved ones. Hopefully, my editors ensure that I get the balance right, because at the end of the day it’s about drawing the reader into the story. It’s the equivalent of 3D TV, really – you get to see both his and her points of view, and then you see what their hearts are telling them!

I’m thrilled to share some of the fabulous author friends who constantly keep me laughing, applauding their talent, and entertained when their books hit Amazon!

Georgia Hill

Audrina Lane

Katie Mettner

Julie Ryan

Darlene Jones

Thank you so much for joining me today – have a great one!

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Negativity only exists if you embrace it!

Happy peopleAs a writer I spend untold hours in the company of characters whose lives unfold with every word I write. My time is spent shaping their emotional journey and it’s akin to being a passenger on a roller-coaster ride. I draw deeply upon my own emotional experiences and often find myself having to take those feelings to the extreme in order to develop a story.

I cant I cantBut there are two sides to an author’s writing life – penning the stories themselves and the promotional side. Some days it feels like stepping off of one ‘ride’, only to climb onto another. Publishing might be one of the most thrilling businesses to be in, but it also tests you to the max!

Negativity is never very far away, is it? A part of my ‘working smarter and not harder‘ initiative (six months in and each day gets a little easier, I promise, if you decide to try it for yourself), is to avoid unnecessary stress and negativity.

I canLife without a certain level of stress is not only an impossibility, but it would be rather … ordinary, lack-lustre. I enjoy the pressure of a deadline, or a last-minute request, and the adrenalin kicks in releasing those happy endorphins – a natural opiate!

Re-organising all aspects of my life to allow me time to indulge in some things I do purely for pleasure, has definitely seen a rise in those happy little fellas telling my brain my work/life balance is improving! So when I am under pressure/stress it’s easier to cope with it, as I’m starting from a more relaxed place.

Negativity, though, is like dodging bullets coming at you from all angles. Switching off from people who – somehow, and often without realising it – sow seeds of self-doubt or blatant negativity around you, is actually easy once you recognise how harmful that is to you. However, negativity can also come from within and that’s far more dangerous and powerful!

At the risk of sounding like a wanna-be life coach who hasn’t had the necessary training … what I want to say is that living life IS a training ground. Negativity will ONLY exist in your life if you CHOOSE to embrace it – and why would you? The choice really is YOURS.

As you can probably tell, I’ve recently had reason to spend a lot of time delving deeply into some very raw emotions surrounding negativity, as I worked on my most recent novel. It’s useful and often invaluable, because it makes me think about specific things from all angles – his point of view, her point of view … and my point of view!

SO LBH medIn Sweet Occasions, Katie’s relationship with her partner is complicated by so many draining emotions – coping with a life-changing illness, disappointment, loyalty and fear of change. She loses touch with what matters to her, deep down inside, and is on the brink of sacrificing her own dream for altruistic reasons.

She has realised her life’s dream of setting up her own bakery. Her main aim is to be able to pay the bills and grow the business gradually, doing something that has been a life-long passion. Her partner, Steve, is a business advisor and he’s the voice of negativity in her life – ‘You have to run a business with your head and not your heart, Katie!’

Great advice, we know, but those around you see YOUR life from a slightly different perspective, coloured by their own goals, experiences, and aims in life. What works for one person, isn’t necessarily right for another. The moral here? Distance yourself from negativity, but  also don’t be a CREATOR of negativity. Whether that’s internally, or by unwittingly being a purveyor of negativity to those around you.

Love someone enough to understand their dream and trust that even if it all falls apart, at least they won’t have to live with ‘if only I’d …’. They will simply pick themselves up and move on. As we all do.

Just remember those two little words – I CAN and if it turns out  that YOU CAN’T, simply try another way or something else … no experience is ever wasted!

Until next time …

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Life’s too short not to be a romantic at heart – despite the risks!

Risks? This is LOVE we are talking about here, isn’t it? Yes.

I think young Sam in the film Love Actually (2003 – Richard Curtissee the quote in context here) – put it very succinctly when he was explaining to his step-father, Daniel, about the girl he worshipped from afar. Daniel’s response (to Sam’s odd behaviour following the death of his mum) was:

“Oh, OK, right. Well, I’m a little relieved.  I thought it might be something worse.”  

 “Worse than the total agony of being in love?”

In love with love sml

Is it agony? Yes, it can be, and even when things go well, the effects on the brain and body from hormones, adrenaline and pheromones is a lethal cocktail. I came across this article by Andrew Koltonow that informs us that ‘Twelve to 18 months into a relationship, both serotonin and the stress molecules are restored to normal levels’ … and it gives way to calm and joy’.


Why was I researching the physiological symptoms of falling in love? Well, I’m a novelist and writing love stories is what I do! But the tremendous excitement of falling in love with ‘the one’ has never, ever left me – even though those feelings are now lovingly wrapped in emotions that run much, much deeper.

So I’m going to be celebrating February, the ‘the month of love’ on my AuthorLinnBHalton Facebook page with love quotes that resonate with me and also with my favourite quotes from my own novels.

What’s the most powerful thing I’ve written so far, to sum up the devastation when love ends? In Falling: Angels Among Us The Complete Series, Ceri is forced to walk away from the person she believes is her soul mate:


I knew each step towards building my new life was going to be mercilessly straightforward. I would have welcomed a battle, if only to have an excuse to let rip the horrible mix of emotion within me. The path mapped out before me is clear. The plan was merely to disconnect myself from Alex completely, so that he would realise it was over between us. Alicia is his future, but it’s too soon for him to understand that. The circumstances have yet to unfold.

I threw my SIM card away and purchased a new number as soon as I’d found a place to rent. It was on the other side of town, so there was little likelihood of bumping into Alex and it meant I could still keep my day job. It is all happening so instinctively now I’m really listening to what my core vibes are telling me, that I hardly have to tune in. This isn’t about starting over again, only correcting one painful mistake: sleeping with Alex, oh, and falling in love with him.

I try to accept the inevitable, simply because I – of all people – should know better. Alex’s pain wears more heavily upon me than my own. He emails me dozens of times each day.

I will never stop loving you until my last breath…

I need you, I can breathe without you. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat…

I know you would not do this to us unless you had no choice…

I forgive you, but I cannot believe in a divine power who would think of our love as anything other than something extraordinary and meaningful. I go on because I’m too cowardly to take the easy way out…

I lie in bed at night and my hands remember your body, my mouth longs to kiss you just one more time…

Nothing matters to me now, without you by my side. I will accept it because I know how much you love me. You can’t hide that from me. We belong to each other no matter what…

There has to be something we can do, Ceri, I can’t accept this. I don’t care if I go to hell, if that’s the price I have to pay…

His emails are long, his mood swings reflect the emotional roller-coaster he’s on, one moment desperate and the next forgiving. Each one tears another hole in what’s left of my heart.

How I wish that were true new

Yes, love is TOTAL agony at times – but it’s also delicious, thrilling and reminds us we are ALIVE!

Until next time …

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Blogs worthy of a visit – it’s the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I was thrilled to receive this award from the very inspiring author and blogger, Melanie Robertson-King and it’s my pleasure to nominate some of the blogs that I enjoy reading.

A part of the ‘acceptance’ of the award is to list three things that have inspired me during the past few weeks:

1. Working smarter and not harder has allowed me to returnPublication1 to blogging, whereas my focus for a while has had to be writing novels and magazine articles. The two are very different animals and I regard ‘blogging’ as a bit of a guilty pleasure – but then I seem to have quite a lot of those! So I will be blogging on a regular basis for those who have time to while away … I’m always long-winded, but that’s me!

2. A really good friend advised me to forgive myself whenever I couldn’t take something on, simply because I’m over-committed. This was first said about a year ago and I’m still not comfortable saying ‘no’ to anything/anyone, but I have reached the point where I no longer stress about accepting it’s inevitable sometimes.

3. Kindnesses come in all forms and very recently someone I hardly know did me a very great kindness! It took my breath away for a moment as it was something I really wasn’t expecting and for that I’m grateful!

And now it’s my turn to share some of the fab blogs that make me smile:

Mandy Baggot – for sharing the fun and turning me on to Nashville!

Janice Horton – for taking me to some wonderful and exotic places:

Leslie, The Duchess of Dirt – a gardening inspiration!

Anneli Purchase – some beautiful photos and quilting …

Bouncing Barb – for some stunning beach photos and making me smile:

Patricia Sands for a flavour of France …

Kit Domino – there’s always something artistic on offer!

The man who gives me my Friday smile on Twitter – John Jackson:

The HarperImpulse blog HAS to have a mention here!

Authors cafe thumbnail sml


And the recently revamped (by Stephanie Keyes) LLm Authors’ Cafe:

Well, it’s been a busy week and I had no idea I’d be blogging this morning! I’m also on Loveahappyending Lifestyle magazine today interviewing wonderful artist, Ray Brilli.

In love with love smlI’ve been busy planning a month-long, February feature ‘In Love with Love’ on my LinnBHaltonAuthor Facebook page. I’ll be posting short clips from some of my novels to celebrate the month of LOVE – or is that angst, roller-coaster emotions and stress? Ha! Ha! Do drop by, as I’ll be awarding some spot prizes and have free ecopies of some of my novels to hand out. If you take part watch out for a DM if your name is drawn!

I hope everyone has a great weekend – until next time!

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For my fab nominees, if you wish to take part in sharing your award: the rules are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you, and link to their blog.
  2. Display the award logo.
  3. Nominate at least 15 other blogs (more or less) and provide a link where they may be found.
  4. Then, go to their blog, leave a comment to let them know they have been nominated, and where to find the information they need to accept (rules).
  5. Mention three things that inspired you the most during the past few weeks.