A selection of reviews for some of Linn’s novels:

Falling: Angels Among Us:

“Your particular style of writing Linn is beautiful, you pick up the reader and transport them to another world!” Kim the Bookworm Nash

“Such is the quiet confidence of the author’s prose, as a reader, I felt completely comfortable and connected to the book’s main characters – so much so, I actually found one event quite traumatic to read, even though the scene was fairly short it was emotionally brutal.” Charlotte Foreman, BestChickLit

“The end left my heart pounding furiously, I had all sorts of questions and possible theories racing through my mind so I can’t wait to find out what happens next…” Kate Verrier, MeMyBooksandI

Never Alone:

“This is a well-thought out and extremely clever plot with a twist that the reader will not expect! A perfect read for those dark winter nights! ” Jontybabe, Amazon

“You will be sure you know exactly how this will end, only to have such a twist thrown in at the end your mouth will be hanging open, I know mine was! Well done Ms. Halton, you are a star!” K Mettner, Amazon

“Just at the point where you can see the story playing out to a predictable outcome based on what you thought you understood – it doesn’t! Thinknicethoughts, Amazon

“When I had finished reading this book, I was left with that WOW Feeling!” Nikki Bywater, Amazon

The Restaurant @ The Mill:

Blogger Susan Livingston “The Restaurant @ The Mill is a brilliantly written work of art.”

Queen B (Amazon) “I loved this book! It’s a story about the relationships of the owners and the customers of The Restaurant @ The Mill. You will be drawn into all their lives by Linn Halton’s wonderful writing.”

Lilgracielou “Each chapter is written from the point of view of a different person sharing with you what they see, think, say, believe and feel. You get to experience and connect with each character on deeper levels.”

The Book Faery Reviews “I felt lured into the restaurant; literally into the restaurant … It was as if someone led me to a private table inside and just started talking to me.”

Pirate2240 “Kat” (reviewer)”…this one really appealed to my book lover’s heart as well with the warmth and love spent creating the characters and each of their personal stories!”

My Cozie Corner Book Reviews “Ms. Halton pens her characters believable and interesting, with realistic storylines behind them. A really nice read intertwined with romance, mystery and a touch of ghostly paranormal happenings.”

Under The Stars:

Kim TheBookworm Nash “This was definitely one of those books which makes you switch off from the outside world and escape into a world of make believe but one that you would love to be involved with.”

Tobi @ Forget the Housework, I’m Reading – Definite must read “How Distracted Did I Get? You will laugh, cry and everything in between in this amazingly drawn together story.”

Author Anna Silver: “The voice of main character Katherine Dale is unforgettable. Voice is one of those qualities that can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t. Halton proves she has the chops to be a great author with the voice of this character. And I cannot move forward without mentioning the ever-adorable feline, No. 4, whose voice was nearly as significant as Katherine’s.”

Jera’s Jamboree (Amazon) – “If you have no interest in Astrology, don’t let that put you off … the astrology is the foundation for a contemporary romance that encompasses village life and some brilliant characters.”

Author K. Mettner  – A fun flirty summer romance! “Linn adds several lovely underlying story threads to round out the romance and the end will surprise you! I found the story to be a fun, flirty romance that leaves you with a new friend in crazy Katherine.”

Lougrahamii – “To me Linn’s writing style is more like a friend sat on a sofa next to you telling you the story than words on a page – captivating!”

Erin Al-Mehairi – “…a refreshing and original romantic tale like none other I’ve read in a very long time! Linn has an amazing writing voice, so much so you’ll feel as if you are taking part in the book yourself…”

H. Healy (reviewer): “A fun and heartwarming story for summer.”

Beth Cutwright (reader) – “I loved it! This is a sweet romance story and one I could relate to wholeheartedly. The characters all had their flaws and redemptive qualities and each character grew within the confines of the pages. I just wanted to cheer them on! Oh and I must mention No. 4 as he seemed to be everyone’s sounding board…..Yes, he was awesome in the wisdom he dispensed!! What a guy!”

Touched By The Light:

Alice Berger, reviewer and author “Romance, good friendships, and the paranormal blend together so nicely, with a cast of believable and well-developed characters. Everyone grows as a result of their experiences, and the reader is rewarded with a happy ending.”

Kim The Bookworm – “This book is a moving, sad, funny, happy and emotional tale of a some very confused people, and a novice, befuddled spirit all making new lives for themselves.  The unexpected twist had me sat open mouthed for quite a while; it was SO not what I had thought was going to happen – quite unpredicted leaving me a little bewildered myself!”

Sue Uden, author: “Anyone who is not totally sceptical of some form of life after death will have asked themselves questions highlighted by this novel.”

Nikki Bywater, reviewer: “There are some unexpected twists in the story, which add to the story and make it an excellent feel good read.”

Ara the Writer, author: “A great read with a lot of originality and clever twists.”

Erin (via “…some very interesting and unexpected twists and turns in the story. I found myself not wanting to put the book down until the very last page.”


I would like to thank each and every one who has taken the time to post reviews and express such wonderful comment on Amazon, Goodreads and other websites. Each review is precious to me!