Steamy romances and gritty short stories…it’s Emma Calin!

Today I’m welcoming one amazing author, who is also a lady of MANY surprises…

Thank you so much Linn, for letting me come and visit you during my “Blowing My Own Trombone Book Launch Blog Tour”.

My name is Emma Calin and I write steamy romances and gritty short stories and novelettes about love and survival. I also play the trombone. It seemed reasonable to combine the two skills and use one to promote the other. So, on a glorious Sunday at the bandstand in the park we made some impromptu recordings. For once it was not raining, the deck chairs were out and the little kiosk by the river was doing a roaring trade in ice-creams and mugs of tea. It really was England at it’s best.

So far I have entertained my hosts and their readers with tunes from the Muppets, Eidelweiss, Cabaret and snippets from other band favourites. Today we have the whole performance of Rock-a-my-sax, performed by the Romsey Community Windband. Did you spot me?

And what exactly am I celebrating? Well, the launch of a brand new boxed set – that is all my short stories and novelettes under one cover –

The Love in a Hopeless Place Collection

LIAHP boxed set with border

Each title can be bought on its own, or as a value-package with the other stories in the series for $4.99/£3.20. This represents a great saving over buying each title in the set as a single, to make up the set. Even better news – until the 3rd of August I am having a Summer Sale and you can buy this whole collection for a bargain $99/77p!

At each stop on my tour I have highlighted one of the titles from the collection. I saved the fourth book, ANGELA, especially for Linn’s blog. It has a slight paranormal thread that may be of interest to those of you enjoying Linn’s books.

I really enjoyed an excerpt idea that Anneli Purchase uses on her blog for visiting authors. She asks for three excerpts from a book Ð one for a character, one for a location and another for a scene-ending sentence. I adapted this for visiting authors on my own blog and have been running a ‘Three Sentence Seduction’. The idea is to pick out our best phrases to tempt you to try the book. I would like to give you my ‘Three Sentence Seduction’ for ANGELA (although I confess that I cheated and went over 3 sentences Ð well mine are always short so I think I can have some leeway!)

Book Title: Angela (#4 in the Love in a Hopeless Place Collection)

Angela 2013

Genre: Short story

A Character:

I could tell she was friendly but formal as she sat behind in the darkness, to be honest I can’t recall what she wore or the colour of her eyes or hair – the way things turned out, a lot of that evening got lost or confused.

A Location:

I nosed the big limo out of the airport and headed in to London, I loved this car and had risked everything to set up my chauffeur business. I mean I loved this car – the smell of leather, the badge at the horizon end of the bonnet, the effortless Pavarotti push of the tenor V8 – in those days you could guzzle without guilt – or an overdraft.

An end of scene sentence:

Then she stepped out and was swept away in the anonymous crowd outside the Strand Theatre, I selected Drive and pulled away. Bloody Hell – she was an odd one – probably making millions.

A Five Star Review from Linn Halton

How easy is it to make the right decision? It depends on whether the decisions are big ones, or little ones… This story is very ‘tales of the unexpected’, which was a programme I used to love on UK TV and ran from 1979 until 1988. You knew that each tale was going to be very down to earth, if not gritty, and there was always an interesting twist. Author Calin simply excels at short, sharp stories and this shortie completes the “LOVE IN A HOPELESS PLACE URBAN SHORT STORY COLLECTION”. I love having a series of `bite-size’ reads on my Kindle. Sometimes you don’t want to get into anything lengthy, but still want something that has an impact. Angela does!

…And if that doesn’t tempt you, THIS BOOK is FREE and all my books are reduced to 99c/77p until the 3rd of August!

Emma Calins 6 titles small 150

Thanks for your review Lin and also for having me visit your blog.

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