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Celebrating the summer holidays with my …

Mr Sunshine‘hot off the press’ news 1-2-3! 

I might need to lie down on a sun lounger with an ice cold cocktail in my hand while I can, because it’s going to be one awesome autumn. And that means a summer of work, work, work … but it’s ALL fun!


14 October 2016A Little Sugar, A Lot of Love‘ is being released in paperback format by Choc Lit UK!

It’s available for pre-order NOW:


Life is often complicated and there’s a sort-of comfort in having a stranger with whom you can chat, but who isn’t a part of your daily life.

Sometimes a turning point centres around one single moment in time;

sometimes it takes two Christmases and three birthdays


And feeling very proud to see it featured in The Bookseller’s NEW TITLES: FICTION list for October

The Bookseller

A3ND the news gets even better …

with a working title of ‘Strangely Connected‘, I’ve just signed a contract for my next novel with Choc Lit UK and it’s currently going through edits ready for an autumn launch!


Kristi Danielson is a highly successful Life Coach whose Grab LIfe and Run With It TV series is in its fourth season in the UK. Her celebrated Twelve Steps to Finding YOU book is a runaway success and she’s at the peak of her career. But to whom does the celebrated life coach turn when it seems her life is falling apart around her? Well, to a tarot card reader, of course!

It’s not something Kristi ever considered until the idea was ‘put into her head’. Does the voice she hears signal the start of a quarter-life crisis, or is this simply burnout? Or maybe there’s another explanation …

Cast for Strangely Connected

I can promise competitions to celebrate the launch of both the paperback and the new novel, so keep an eye out for those!

And in the pipeline …

a heart-warming, full-length Christmas story,

and a bijou cottage where the sea breeze blows away the cobwebs
and allows Lisa to open up her heart …

Thanks for dropping by to share my news ~

it’s ALWAYS about the romance!